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Email: Customising of Email defaults

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New Zealand

Would it be possible to be able to add logos, colour etc the email defaults, as in Outlook signatures, so that the emails look more professional.


Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2012

Many thanks for your feedback everyone. We hope you like the changes we have made in the latest update - AccountRight 2012.10 - which is available now.

MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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MYOB Product Manager
Thanks for the Idea Helen - what do others think? Would this be a useful feature for emailing?
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Yes please, emails look ordinary now.



Super Partner GDK
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Yes please also, emails need to look professional.

Experienced Cover User GazzaA
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I agree, with all the competition out there we need as much help as possible to present ourselves in the best professional way.

Contributing Cover User KerrieLawrence
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Adding my vote - I just asked if this could be done in the forums and was directed here. At the moment I have to email each invoice to myself first, then I forward it using Outlook so I can include our logo and signature panel - otherwise the emailed invoices look very unprofessional.




Kerrie Lawrence

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Yes, that would be great - emails need to be professional



Leigh - NIC

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It would be great if the emailed Invoice could look exactly the same as if it was printed from your own computer, when they are saved as PDF's and emailed they just don't look the same, that is quite a failing on MYOB's part, it is not just the adding of logos or graphics but also the font is different when it is saved as a PDF, not good... Smiley Sad

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Adding my vote - it is clearly a automatically generated email no matter how much you try and personalise it.

And thanks Kerrie for the idea of emailing to myself first so I can get the footer included.

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Great idea

Super Partner Julia_Berkhout
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It would be good if with this change emails would be able to be sent in HTML and not just plain text? This is the same question just worded a little differently I think????? I am not an IT Guru. Thanks, Julia