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I use Gmail (part of Google Apps) for my business and I'd love to be able to email invoices / payslips directly from MYOB using gmail without needing to instal a third party software package.


I'm aware at the moment, only software which is MAPI compliant can be used as mail program.  It would save a lot of time if this can be changed somehow so that webmail can also be used.


There are posts on this forum saying a third party software package is available to be used for those of us who use Gmail or other webmail products however it would be great if we didn't need to instal this to be able to use the email functionality within MYOB.


"Emailing from MYOB directly to webmail (gmail google apps) without third party software"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: April 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

I'm pleased to announce with the release of AccountRight 2016.1 comes with the ability to email out without the use of Microsoft Outlook (or other MAPI compatible email programs). For more information into this feature and the benefits of AccountRight 2016.1 please see The AccountRight Blog: AccountRight 2016.1 now available

Please note that the company file does need to be online to access this feature.

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Thank you for your post. We have passed on your feedback to our developers and would love to see how many others would like to see this change brought about. So please vote and add your comments to this post.
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NZ MYOB Payroll already has the feature to use either MAPI compliant program such as outlook or SMTP servers to email payslips. If this feature was included in AccountRight, NZ users

could use the same feature in both programs and not having to use one way in payroll and another way in accountright.



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Seriously people ..... it's 2014 and this has been a known issue for MYOB since 2011. The vast majority of people have a webmail application now.


If it takes 3 years to sort something this simple out , might time to rethink the business model!



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Would like to put my vote in for this one too.   My employer has recently changed to MYOB.  He likes to do the invoices himself each night as he has to write specific information for each customer.  He uses GMAIL for his business emails.   I read somewhere about having to print each invoice to pdf and send them manually via GMAIL as attachments.  He is used to pressing a single button to send the invoices off.

I haven't heard of this third party program though so will look into it.

Today my employer wanted to know what is displayed when he sends a customer an invoice, including which email address and the custom message.  I am working at home today, so I sent myself a dummy invoice.  MYOB automatically used my personal home email to send the invoice.  I should be able to tell MYOB which default email to use - I don't want it to be my personal home email if I am at home, but rather my employer's business GMAIL.




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Hi Sue,


Thanks for your vote on this topic, hopefully MYOB will look at this again and implement both of our suggestions in the very near future.


A lot of us use webmail and having to manually save each invoice as a PDF and then manually type the email is such a waste of time.  


I like your suggestion of being able to select the default email address too as this affects many of my clients as well.


Hopefully MYOB will soon see how important this feature truely is and have it implemented ASAP. 

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I'd like to include my vote for Gmail integration with MYOB.  Agree with Sue's comment as well regarding selection of the email address.  I presently have to modify my Outlook email settings and signature every time I send information out from a different company file (I manage several).  It's quite time consuming and also increases the chances of my emails being picked up by spam filters because i'm masking my Outlook email address with the gmail ones i'd actually like to send out from.





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Thanks again for your votes and comments. Our development team is planning on introducing the ability to choose online email services rather than Microsoft Outlook in a forthcoming update to AccountRight.

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Our enterprise uses Google Docs and Gmail.


We will welcome this feature when it is integrated to MYOB AccountRight Premier

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any news on when I can email my payslips usine gmail.  Im not buying outlook as I would only need it to send for myob.  I sounds like this discussion has been going on for awhile?

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Hi there @Kimgoldcoast,


We are pleased to announce that this idea is currently in development to be incorporated into the AccountRight software. While no specific details have been given, we are hoping to see it implemented by our next release.


Kind Regards,