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Forms: Ability to copy multiple fields from one form to another

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In version 19.5 it was possible to copy muliple fields from one invoice to another. It was even possible to copy from say an item layout to a service invoice. This saved alot of time and means you could easily make the different invoices look exactly the same. That feature has gone now.


"Copying fields when customising invoices"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2013

Thanks for the great idea Helen. We would love to hear what others think about this. Please show your support with further votes and comments.

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As V19 allowed it.. why has the ability to copy and paste multiple items from one form to another been removed?


Creating what are essentially the same Purchase order forms for example (say service and item) where the headers and footers are the same and to be honest probably the only difference would be the Main table, is painful and slow. Its still fairly painful copying and pasting it as a whole in v19 but until there is the ability to save an item PO as a service PO its still a better option than the current 2016.3 single item copy and paste.


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When will the Customise Forms Module receive an overhaul? 


Not User friendly, has a lot of limitations, eg. We have created a customised "Item Invoice" and would like to copy the layout across to a "Packing Slip (Item)" but something as simple as this can't be done, you have to go through the whole drama again of setting everything back up, aligning everything to get it all looking the same as your Items Invoice.


We'd like to be able to transpose this across other forms that are created also.



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Yes, I agree we need this feature reimplemented. The template customising features are woefully inadequate and have been for some time.

Being able to copy elements & formatting should be a no-brainer but the money hungry MYOB execs don't give a hoot about useability.
Please enable this feature ASAP.

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I can not believe this issue has still not been addressed for 10 years! 

Come on MYOB - stop giving us features that will never be used, and fix these issues! 

The Professional layout for purchase invoices is basically unusable in a normal business because you can't print/save the report which shows the Purchase Register .. that's been a known problem for over 2 years - and the workaround? Use Item or Service layout instead! Great! So how much time do we customers have to spend to re-create a customised form which will work in the Service or Item Layout? And then? Change all of your Professional Layout invoices to the new layout and it's customised form. Unbelievable.