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Forms: Ability to set exact field size

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After migrating my custom forms from V19 I had to do a lot of manual changes to get them to work and have found a number of very annoying problems with the form designer.


  1. As has already been pointed out by another user, the size and position only displays in 1mm increments although these appear to be adjustable in smaller increments making it very hard to align and position. A size properties box would be a help instead of just being able to view the inaccurate size as you drag the size handles.
  2. When selecting multiple items and repositioning them, they often move independently of each other.
  3. The arrange options don't always work, (or may be it never works) looks OK when editing but in preview and when printing the order is not the same. When printing it only recognizes the order in which they were created - whatever was created last is in front of everything else.

This is the view in customize, White Text was created first then the "Blue Box" then the black "SALE AMT:" 

This is what you get in print preview and this is the order when you print.


  1. You have no way of constraining lines so it is very difficult to get a straight line or a perfect square for that matter.
  2. The bounding box around a selected item is slightly bigger than the item itself making it extremely difficult to line up with other items. (obviously an idea copied from MS Office 2010 but I have to wonder if the programmers ever tried to use this feature - most frustrating!!) Smiley Sad
  3. When resizing an item it doesn't appear to snap to the grid, as you drag a handle there is always a lag so precise movement is impossible. Smiley Sad
  4. Add a field or table to the page and it always ends up at the top of the page, and now you must resize the table so you can even move it Smiley Sad
  5. You have to click on an item twice before you can move it. Smiley Sad
  6. Sometimes when an item is click on it moves from its current position.
  7. Shading option for tables no longer works since the last update. This may be broken for all reports!! Smiley Surprised


Oh, just found issue No. 11

  1. Some lines don't print, added a line to an invoice and it wouldn't print, deleted it and added it again and it printed - whats going on? I read others have similar issues!!


Well these are the issues I have found with the latest update applied, sure hope they will be fixed with the next update release.


Still waiting for an update that will improve the performance of MYOB - would love to feel the power of my i7 processor again instead of it feeling like its an old 286 when MYOB is running!!





"Issues with Form Design"


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The form 2013 Live form designer processes are far too slow to create anything efficiently.  My standard time was an hour to design a form from scratch, it can now take me two or three times that depending on what I am doing.    Not cost effective and I can't recover my time.  


I need the measurement boxes back.


I need to be able to magnify the screen so that I can line boxes up - the latter being almost impossible. 


Adjusting column sizes is painful when the system decides to slow for its own reasons.  One minute the columns are whizzing around, the next, they refuse to budge.  



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Also, I can't find the setting for the default fonts for the headings and the body text.   To much work changing every field individually.



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Hi @Colleen 


Can you confirm which version of AccountRight you are using? 


You can zoom in on the customised form when it is displayed by moving the slide bar down the bottom left hand side of your screen.  You can also add grids to your custom form which should assist you in aligning the boxes.  This can be accessed by selecting Grid options towards the top right.  Grids along with zooming in should make it a lot easier to customise your forms. 


In regards to changing the font sizes, are you meaning the text inside of the main table where your transaction details show?  Unfortunately these can only be modified one at a time currently.  For all other fields, if you hold the control key and click on each field, you can modify all font sizes and types at once.  I hope this helps. 

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AccountRight Live - 2013.4


Currently locked out so will have to try yoru suggestions tomorrow.  





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Tried the magnifier and that resolved quite a few of my problems.  Trouble with being half blind is that you don't see things like the magnifier.     



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Great, thanks for letting us know Colleen. Please post anytime you need help.


All the best,

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I spent over 9 hours fixing my forms after I migrated them to the new MYOB. I had to recreate them all over again from scratch as the migration did not convert then over properly.


then when I want to save a pdf it missed out lines etc. I had to download and install cute pdf for my forms to look half decent. When I print them they look perfect. 


this is annoying and time consuming as saving to disk is the same as cute pdf.


I have an expensive pdf package and not to be able to use this is again inconvenient.



Please MYOB as everhyone else says test things before releasing new updates as this time of the year is not the best to be adjusting forms etc and at the end of month work.  You have cost me over 2 days work and our outside accounts over a week's delay.  We send our accounts to USA and it costs us over 2 weeks delay causing undue frustration and delay.


Oh and this new MYOB is extremely slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi @Echo360 

I am sorry to hear that you have to recustomise the forms. If you would like to see the customise form process changed as indicated by @Demes then I would suggest voting for the Idea. You can do this via the Vote button to the right of the ideas name at the top of this page.

When you are saving information to PDF doesn't use the same process as printing to CutePDF. Saving to PDF will use your default PDF reader that you have set in Windows. We do support Adobe Reader version 7 and higher for the use of sending things to PDF as per the system requirements.  I would also make sure that Adobe Reader is set to be the defualt PDF program on your computer as per Images missing or distored in PDFs when using AccountRight on Windows 8.

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As an idea, similar to word or publisher, could you add the ability to specify the length and width of fields in custom invoices in AR 2015. 


I know you can resize with the mouse by selecting the circles on the outsides of the field, but creating fields and trying to make them all the same size can be very difficult with that approach. It would save alot of time if you could manually specify the size. 


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Having been a user of MYOB/account right since Premier V8....


I much prefer the old system of creating/editing forms. It was very logical and simple. If you wanted to edit a text box, you simply selected it and entered the physical measurements. 2cm in from the border, 5cm from the top, 2.5cm wide and 10cm high. Easy.


The system in Account right is infuriating to use at best. Trying to adjust the width of a column on a sale invoice is 

very difficult and you have less control over the fields compared to The MYOB premier system.


To be honest, whenever I want to customise a form now in Account right, I fire up Premier V19, create/edit the form there and then migrate the custom form into Account right. 

Problem with that is, upgrading my work station's OS from W7 to W10 isn't too far away and I'm going to loose access to the old premier. 


So how about changes to Account rights custom form's editing function. giving it the functionality MYOB Premier had.