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In Tray: Ability to convert Orders to Bills

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The In Tray appears as it develops will be a great asset and time saver. 


If you can link to an exisiting bill, You should be able to link to an existing order.


We eneter our orders (yellow) then send to our supplier. hen the invoice comes in we change to a bill (blue). This allows us to keep track of backorders etc.


If you could link to an existing order with your in tray invoice why could you not automatically change the order to a bill?. Basicall In tray only works for bills only. If this would change it would benefit a lot of businesses.


In tray is a great step forward.


"In Tray Concert Orders to Bills"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi @Projex 

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the In Tray with AccountRight.

Currently you can only link the In Tray documents with bills. This is due to the fact that order doesn't have accounts affecting it until its been converted to a bIll. 

However I would encourage others that would like to see the In Tray documents to be linked to orders and possible convert those orders when linked to vote and comment if required.

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I agree - being able to add attachments to orders would be fantastic - if you are then using manual order books, you can attach that order if it requires additional confirmation from authorisors at bill payment time - they can see a copy of the manual order with out having to request the order book.


Also I would like to be able to add attachments to sales invoices - for situations such as buyer created invoices sent by places like Fonterra, AFFCO, Bank interest certificates, Dividend statements etc.

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It would be nice to have the ability to attache documents orders and other paperwork to an order.

Currently this option is only available in an invoice.

However if this could be done in the form of an order then carry the attachement accross once converted to an invoice this would be very helpfull for not just purchases but also sales.

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100% agreed. It would be nice to attach a supplier's quote to our purchase order.

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Would like to be able to attach documents to purchase orders rather than only when it becomes a bill.


i.e. proformer invoices.

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Would really love this function to be possible for our company too. Especially to enable saving supplier quotes to our purchase orders - prior to us receiving their Invoice and converting to bill.

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We also would like to be able to attach to purchase orders!

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We also would like to be able to attach to purchase orders and when uploading the file needs to have a provision to give a name to the file!

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great idea, i would love to be able to attach a document to purchase orders

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Totally agree with you on this one. So annoying the document cant be saved with an order. And if you do attach to a bill, change this to order the attachement disappears never to be seen again. Plus if you then delete the order, the document is still lost forever. Where does it go! How are you suppose to cross reference orders to bills if original order cant be attached? 

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YES!! Please add this feature. It should not be that hard to do so considering its already built in once the PO is changed to an invoice. This would save me (and a lot of other MYOB users, I assume) soooo much stuffing around with what could only be described as a cumbersome and frustrating system. Please add this ASAP, PLEASE!!