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In Tray: Ability to match to a Recurring transaction

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I like the new In Tray feature, and the ability to create new bills from imported documents.  However, most of my regular bills - electricity, telephone etc - are already set up as recurring transactions.  I want to use the recurring transaction, as it has the narratives and account numbers already populated - at the moment this means I cannot create the bill from the In Tray (and have to just link the electronic copy of the invoice to the transaction after it has been created).  


It would be great if a recurring transaction could be created from the In Tray - so the invoice date, invoice number and amount are picked up from the imported document, and the account number and narrative are taken from the recurring transaction.




"Create new recurring transaction from In Tray"

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There is no link for the re-occuring transactions to have the in tray invoices linked with this area.  If you can possibly create the re-occuring transactions to have the link work in reversal to obtain the In-Tray documents, it would make it easier as there is no double handling.  Also when looking for closed invoices to link up if it invoice has been scanned in later it would be much easier if you could also have search filters by date or invoice number so you do not have to scroll through all of them to attach the invoice

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I totally agree that the in tray should have the ability to link a supplier invoice to a recurring transaction which is then posted into MYOB in "one click", and the supplier invoice is then attached to this transaction. 90% of our transactions are recurring so this would certainly reduce double handling of this in tray processing.
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ALthough I like the in-tray, I agree that the in-tray should be linked to the re-ocurring transactions.  Current system is double handling and inefficient.

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Yes please!