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In Tray: Pre-filled total on screen to ensure all allocated

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I am a great fan of INTRAY, yet I have a gripe in that it does not show or hold the balance of the original invoice. 

When an invoice is mailed or dropped into INTRAY it only brings through the one line item with the total invoice value.

I break the value of the invoice down to various accounts and then have to flick back and forth to ensure that the value of the invoice is identical, whereas if it retained the value on a header level and showed an out of balance at the bottom to ensure that nothing has been missed in the transfer.


It would be more beneficial if it did not save the entries if the balance of the invoice differs from the Journal breakdown.



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I've just started using In-Tray (which I think is pretty good) but we use Item invoices and so when I create a new bill it just puts it in as one line and and amount and then I have to dissect it.   Is there a way that it can match the product code so that it can enter each product on it's own line.  We use the inventory and our products have an Item number and I have the suppliers product code for that item entered in the suppliers card, I was hoping that MYOB could pick that up and recognise the numbers and split the invoice for me.  Am I expecting too much Smiley Happy  


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