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Jobs: Purge (delete) Jobs no longer in Use

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We run tens of thousands of jobs in MYOB and refer to the Job Number in our Invoices and Purchases for Cost tracking.

Some Jobs run for less than one day, other jobs run for a number of years.

The Job list became so full that it totally slowed our whole system down a couple of years ago and we had to start a brand new file just to get rid of the long job list. This meant importing and exporting customers, suppliers, employees, accounts etc and this became a significant task.


Can there be a way to purge jobs without having to close them off by looking at how long ago the last transaction was? I would like to see a facility where I can say Purge all jobs that were not used within the last x number of days and I have the flexibility to select what x equals such as 365 days, 900 days or possibly for some companies 60 days. Sure, I understand that if I select the wrong number of days, I may lose a few jobs that I didnt want to loose but if the process asks for say, two confirmations to proceed, then the risk would be all mine.


I really do not want to have to keep creating a brand new file just to get rid of my long job lists every couple of years



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Last Changed: May 2013

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Yes I need to get rid of 1000s of old jobs too before I can use Calxa (add on partner software).   Big vote for this!!!

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Hi. Can we please archive old jobs no longer needed? I know we can tick the option to say inactive but 1) amounts can still go against it for eg imported timesheets in payroll) 2) the list of jobs are really long cause of inactive jobs. Any way to condense/hide?
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Hi there

Is there an updte on the ability to remove Jobs.

All the jobs have been removed however when I try to Combine Accounts I am prevented - the message is that a there are Job Transactions.

It appears that even though all jobs/transactions have been deleted, V2017 still believes they are there


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Really need this guys

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Currently doing a purge on old jobs and it's taking me forever.  I agree this would be a huge benefit.

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Yes, this is completely totally insane that we cant delete old jobs except one at a time!!

We have hundreds of old jobs that need deleting and it takes forever!!

And you delete a job from the middle of the list and it takes you back to the top of the list so you need to trawl back through the list to find out where you were. ARGHHH!!


I used to be such a big MYOB fan but am looking to switch to another package as soon as I can.


Bob Fenderson

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Please can you delete jobs in bulk rather than individual - every year end I need to delete over 6,000 takes days doing it individual

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Hi @ElaineTimbs , I read a suggestion from one of the moderators recently:

- back up your file

- Add a header job called Deleted

- Export your Jobs List to a text file then open it in Excel

- Add "Deleted" to the "Sub Job of" column for all jobs you want to delete

- Save this as a new text file

- Import this file to AccountRight, matching the job number and "Sub Job of" columns only, updating the jobs

- Review the jobs list to ensure you are only going to delete the jobs you don't want

- Edit the "Deleted" header job and select Edit, Delete


A message asking you to confirm deletion of all sub-jobs and job allocations will appear, click OK to confirm, and wait a moment.

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Hi Mike,


Just trying to do this and when exporting it only has a choice to go to a TXT file, then I'm unable to open it into a Excel doc.  Is there another way to save this into a Excel document firstly or open in excel?

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Hi @Della , exporting to a txt file is correct, and tab-delimited. Then in Excel, select File, Open, and browse to the folder. By default Excel will look for workbooks, so choose Text Files from the Files of type field. Then the text wizard will open - make sure you choose Delimited, then click Next, and select Tab, then Finish.


Once you have made the changes, choose File, Save As, and give the file a new name. 


Then back up your AccountRight file and import the new file. You only need to match the job number and the "sub-job of..." field.