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Pay Superannuation: Delete or hide reversed paysuper payments

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There is currently no way to hide or delete authorised (or approved) PaySuper transactions so ones that need to be amended will still show as partially authorised (if 2 authorisations required)


"PaySuper - delete or hide reversed paysuper payments"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2021

Hi Everyone

Thank you for showing your support for this idea through the years.

With the release of AccountRight 2021.1, we have introduced the Pay Superannuation status "Reversal Completed". This will alert users that the payment has been reversed and prevent the payment from being completed. For more information on Pay Superannuation statuses please see Help Article: Make superannuation payments.


Once again, thank you for your support and your patience for this long-awaited feature.

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Even though I have downloaded the new update - I still cannot see how to hide/delete the reversed payments.  I have double paid superannuation because of this problem and then when I try to contact a Payroll specialist at MYOB to sort it out I am left waiting on the phone for hours!  It is ridiculous that this cannot be resolved.  I have even had super contributions paid not allocated to pay periods.  The MYOB super "system" is not a system at all!  Please please fix this mess.

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Good afternoon


"We're very excited to announce that the ability to delete or hide reversed Pay Super payments is coming in our next release AccountRight 2020.2. "


This doesnt seem to have happened - can you please advise if it is coming soon. I would like to hide a reversed payment so I am not tempted to authorise again further down the track


kind regards






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Please give an option to hide these transactions - can be very confusing. Also when I tried to record the reversal It would not let me do it saying cannot record in a locked period? Yet the period was locked until End of april 20 for the BAS we completed? I had to unlock the period to record that entry. This is not the first time I have issues with locked periods and had to unlock before as MYOB is reading the period wrong.

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It would be really amazing if we could change the way a payment is made on an order - as you cannot delete it and fix a mistake after you turned it into an invoice? Yet you can fix a payment error on a recorded invoice??? And if you load a quote and accidentally used the invoice and change it at the top it deletes all the info you have typed in on a CASH invoice.... drives everyone crazy. I always e-mail my quotes to customers and yet you cannot pick the individual forms like quote, order or invoice to decide what you want to do with it e-mail or print. It would be fantastic if you can set it up under preferences to e-mail quotes (not print it - or whatever you need for your business) as we save it and too late - have to go back in to e-mail again.... every day maybe 10 times..... but we print our invoices and dont want that to jump to email either.....

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We're very excited to announce that the ability to delete or hide reversed Pay Super payments is coming in our next release AccountRight 2020.2. 


I believe I have version 2020.2, but can't see how this can be done... what am I missing?

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It seems that this feature is not included in AccountRight 2020.2. Am I right?




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I strongly support the option to delete or hide reversed paysuper payments. This would significantly reduce the risk of accidentally authorising a payment that was previously reversed. Wasn't this option going to be included in the 2020.2 update?

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I have this release but still can't delete or hide the Pay Super Payments batch that has been reversed?


Can you advise if this has updated yet?



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I'm a little confused.  The "Delete Pay Super" selection is in the menu (not greyed out), yet it does nothing.  I am using AccountRight 2020.2.



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I do wonder why we bother when it seems to take literally years for some things to be actioned/completed. It's incredibly frustrating particularly when we were were told it would be fixed - yet here we are, we've had the upgrade and still the issue exists. 


Whilst processing a Pay Superannuation today I was flagged to correct an email address for an employee (to which I had to remove a 2nd email address) ... but in doing so I hadn't realised that the Payment No (which I'd been entering in manually to correct a numbering issue from back in early 2019) along with my notes listed in Memo had both reset to default.


Now the OCD part of me would dearly like to process a Reversal to correct these two minor issues but at the same time I know that this will just create potentially another much bigger issue with a bogus "Pending Authorisation" status ... so instead I've chosen the lesser of two evils [insert palm face]


Come on MYOB ... please get this sorted!