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Payment Summaries: Set date to be completed date not generation date




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If I prepared and saved the PAYG Summaries for a client on the 3rd July (all reconciliations completed etc) but don't physically email them until say today (7th) the original client copy states they were issued on the 3rd but the ones to the employees are dated 7th. Therefore, if for example someone need a PAYG Summary re-sent in a month's time, I would have to retrive the saved PAYG Summary and manually email yet the easier option is for me to login to my 2016/17 file and select their name and 'email PAYG Summary' but this would then be issuing a PAYG Summary with the date 7th August (which looks like the employer was late, which they were not).


Any ideas on developing the email functionality to issue a COPY versus AMENDMENT (which this would not be) on the date that the PAYG Summaries were originally produced?




"Emailing PAYG Summaries - DATE"

Declaration Date listed in bottom right is generation date not when the form was originally completed