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Payroll: Ability to remove categories used on timesheets

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We use timesheets and then process the payroll from there.

It would be most useful to be able to deselect a wage category from individuals when the category is no longer used.

This is not possible - the message that appears states:- This wage category is used on timesheets for this employee and cannot be deselected.

Even if the category is in previous payroll years it is still not able to be deselected.

Your consideration in fixing this would be appreciated.




"Remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @Judy005  Could anyone else who wants to be able to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets from an employee, please cast your vote here.

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We use timesheets and have many Payroll categories depending on the age of the employee and weekend rates etc.  When they have a pay rate change we would like to exclude the old rates from the pay run.  This is not possible because we use timesheets.  MYOB has just advised it is a known difficulty. 

Could you please escalate this to be able to get rid of old payroll categories from an employees card file.





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Very Annoying issue - Also bad advertising for MYOB.  It results in 100,000's people getting incorrect & outdated payslips everyweek because they wont let you "untick" a box


MYOB - why wont you let us delete old and outdated hourly pay rates on payslips??  Employees dont need to be reminded everyweek of their old paygrades.  Imagine if you have been employed for 10 years and its its still showing $15 per hour on there.... ?!


Can we please can we action this issue.  We have a transport business and find this very confusing for drivers when they keep seeing old rates on their payslip.  $24,$25,$26 etc etc ... also while im on it - the days of the week are never in order... tues, sunday, wednesday,  monday, - why??  is it supposed to be alphabetical??

Can you please change the function so that it can be unticked - it seems like a simple update to me.

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Knock kock...hello anybody there ?? An issue, that is rather important ,was been raised a many years ago and has been touched on again my many users since then.....and still no change or resolution. Why not? Is anything being done in regards to the remova a payroll category subject? Can you give us some answers please MYOB?? 

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Come on MYOB. Get with the Times. This is very frustrating. 

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RE: Ability to remove categories used on Timesheets:

Even if we could just "Hide" unnecessary Payroll Categories so that we don't have long lists with categories that have been setup by users that didn't quite know what they were doing years ago.

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This is a major issue in MYOB for me! 


We have hundreds of payroll categories in our data file from a former business we sold, which I would love to hide, to save scrolling during data entry.


If they could be deselected on the employee card, they would no longer appear in timesheet data entry.  This currently can't be done if previous timesheets have used the old categories.  

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I am having a similar issue not being able to deselct a payroll catagory that has been previously used in a timesheet. As the nature of the contracts for employees changes and there is  no flexiblity to untick the ones that are not valid. 

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I understand the actual catagory needs to remain to make the whole code work.

However we only ask for to be 'hidden' from the users view when unticked.

I know this would be possible in code.

Just do it, lots of people now have loads of categories from over the years, and is a huge pain

to always pass our eyes over.

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Post opened in Nov 2014 and issue is still not fixed in Mar 2023. MYOB is really putting effort into product reviewing.

Not allowing us to remove payroll categories that have been used on timesheets is creating unnecessary possibility on payroll errors. Why cant MYOB sees it after 9 years.

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MYOB, any updates on a solution for this very frustrating issue.  I see this was raised as a concern over 10 years ago.  Could you please review and provide us some more feedback on where MYOB is at with this issue? 

We have a number of staff that have changed payroll categories.  If we can hide unused wage categories from timesheets, to avoid errors (!!) that would be a wonderful first step for us.