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In Account Right 2019 when you run a payroll and print payslips you cannot print them all to a single pdf file, they send them individually which is time consuming and cumbersome especially if you have 20+ staff. Other way is to print all the payslips and then scan and save to a pdf file to send to your clients. Again a waste of time and paper. In previous versions of Account right it worked so well, why change something that was a great feature. MYOB please bring back this option of printing all payslips to a single pdf file.
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I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding your query, but you CAN save a full payrun or selection of payslips as PDFs through the reporting option without needing to print and then rescan - no paper/ink needed!


Go to Reports, Payroll, select the relevant date/s and all/specific employees - then, through the "Print Preview" option use "Separate Pages" so that each payslip prints individually. Once you have the selection required, use the "blue" "down arrow" (aligned with menu options on the status bar) to "Export" to "PDF" and save as relevant -works very well and I use it often!!