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Purchases: Select items based on supplier item number

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Is it possible to add a feature that gives the option of selecting (or searching) the Supplier's Part Number, rather than my own Item Number/Name, when putting together a Purchase Order or a Customer Invoice?


This would make selection of the correct product much faster and mean that I would not have to continually refer to Supplier Catalogues or Price Lists.

"Otption to choose supplier part number when putting together a Purchase Order"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

That's a great idea @OLKroozer. Anyone who would like the option of searching for items by supplier item number when entering purchases, please cast your vote here.

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Hi - AccountRight allows users to create up to 3 custom fields for Item cards, and up to another 3 custom fields for Customer cards.

Similarly, Supplier cards can also have up to 3 custom fields.


For example, a diesel equipment repair workshop wanting to track repairs to a customer's equipment, might want to add custom fields for:


- Manufacturer

- Serial number

- Next service due date or Warranty expiry date


You can similarly have up to 3 custom lists for each card type - Items, Customers and Supplier.

By giving them similar names to the Custom fields, you can produce sales or purchases reports, for each custom field.


If you would like more information, contact me at or call me in Darwin 0428 405 499

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Sample layout for a customer invoice with 3 custom fields (unable to upload sample):


Quantity   Item Code    Description   Manufacturer  Serial.   Next                Unit        Discount    TOTAL

                                                                                   No.      Service Due    Price                        inc. GST



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That's a great idea @OLKroozer. Anyone who would like the option of searching for items by supplier item number when entering purchases, please cast your vote here.

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I work with an international company providing spare parts and service advice. Recently the international company changed their part number system to a new system which means new numbers.


The problem comes when my customers quote the new part numbers (it becomes double handling since I have to look up the old part number using a website), while I'm stuck with the old part numbers since I can't easily update my catalogue of 12,000 parts. It would be amazing to be able to enter items on an invoice/order/quote by either supplier number or my number. Along with this it would be useful to be able to have supplier number and my number appear on the invoice.


Currently I'm stuck on Accountright Premier 19.10 because of no support of multi currency in live - if this was implemented would there be any chance it would be done in this version?

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It would be very helpful to have included in the onscreen Purchase window

1.  the suppliers part number to check that the part supplied has the same part number on my order and on the suppliers invoice to me ( as a business owner that is a very important concern )

2. My current sell price so It is easy to compare the suppliers listed price against my actual sale price ( again as a business owner its always good to know your selling at a profit and not giving it away) 


A nice extra touch would be to have a tick field that would record that the list prices had been checked and when ticked it would record the date in a field in the part number marked last price check date so a check could be made of recently and not so recent price checks 

We stock approx 13500 items from a couple of hundred suppliers and price checking is a very large concern.

Some of the suppliers I stock large numbers of part numbers from and some only small number of part numbers

Its not possible to easily check so many but a check of pricing when the goods are restocked (off the suppliers invoice) and a record (date) of when checked would be very helpful while the suppliers invoice is being recorded





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Hi @DazzaB


Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and the entering of purchases.

I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to enter/show the Supplier's item number on purchases and also the items current selling price to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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We would like to see the following feature introduced to MYOB purchasing.

When sending quotes, orders or purchases to multiple suppliers, often each supplier has their own unique part number for the same product.  When we change suppliers, we spend far too much time changing their unique part number in the inventory part.  

For example we have the following suppliers - Alfa, Bravo and Charlie.  They can all supply the same widget. 

Our part number is WIDGET-1

Alpha's part number is WIDG-XYZ

Bravo's part number is WIDG-ABC

Charlies part number is WIDG-MNO

Each time we change suppliers, we have to alter the inventory card to suit the supplier.  When we are ordering large quantities of various items, the time to change the card is too much.

Can MYOB add a feature which will retain each suppliers part numbers relevant to each item?


"Purchasing from multiple suppliers"