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Reports: ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

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Will we be able to use AccountRight to submit forms to the ATO with future updates of AccountRight?


I expected that we'd be able to submit Tax File Number Declarations with the current release as the function was said to be in beta testing for at least the last 2 years.


I've read the support note here but it doesn't give any indication that it will be functional in this current release.


It would be a very useful feature for anyone using myob as their payroll software.


So, any updates?





Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: October 2016

Hi all,


Thank you to everyone who registered to pilot a new service, between MYOB and the ATO.


Our team is currently working on making the completion and lodgement of BAS much simpler and faster. Once done, we will look into other aspects of the SBR initiative, like electronic lodgement of TFNs. We will keep you posted via this idea post and the AccountRight Blog.




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Hi Liam,


I certainly agree with you that being able to lodge a tax file number declaration and being able to submit your BAS without logging into the ATO portal would be extremely helpful.  The support note you have linked will be updated when we have more information on this feature.

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Our intention is to support the SBR initiative and TFN declarations. We'd like to work out the roadmap for this so we can share it with you.


Could you all help us by voting for this feature so we can gauge it's priority for you versus other suggestions in the idea exchange?


What reports from the SBR taxonomy and various agencies would you like us to do? which forms are the highest priority?

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As well as the BAS, the PAYG Summary and the TFN Declarations it would be worthwhile considering CentreLink payment response. These are just a printout of the Payroll Advices for a selected period.

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Hi BA,

We really appreciate the feedback, I was hoping you could make a new thread for this suggested change.  We do support the SBR initiative, but so we can track the demand for specific feature requests it is best if each particular change has its own request thread.


Kind Regards,

Will H.

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Definitely agree that we need the ability to lodge TFN declarations.


It is a never ending process for those in the fast food industry or those whose workers are itinerants.

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Hi - I would like to see Accountright Plus be able to create a file that can be uploaded via the ECI (ATO software) Portal for tax declaration information.  I know that other software offer this and thought it strange that MYOB doesnt have this faciltity.  We can create an empdupe file for upload so it would be of a similar format for the tax dec info.

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I have suggested this to MYOB several times over the last 5 years.


No reply... no response... no result

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I have been waiting a long time for MYOB to be SBR enabled so I can upload the Tax File number Declaration instead of the time wasting going to the post office. Being 65kms from a country town means any online help is definitely worth it. I already upload the Payment Summary file to the ATO's ECI website and look forward to uploading the file for new employees.

When will that be MYOB????

Priority please

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I found a suggestion for the TFN declaration. We have very low staff turnover and this would save me maybe a couple of hours a year. However, the BAS version would save a lot of time and mucking around. Sorry if this is already listed here as an idea - I searched for it but couldn't find it. This has been promised as "in the works" for a number of years now. Many other software providers have already implemented it.


This link: says it's been put on the back burner in favour of other product changes that will save us more time - is there a list of them somewhere?


The link at the bottom back to the idea exchange goes to the TFN Declaration page, not a BAS page.

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Apparently the latest version June 2013 still does not incorporate this facility which seems quite ridiculous since the ATO provides the ability to do this and thought MYOB software is supposed to assist us in our businesses.