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Sales: Being able to add a image (photo) to invoice.

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If I have an image loaded onto an Inventory Item, how do I get this image onto a quote?

If so how can this be done as an automatic action when I quote on inventory items?


Thank you



"How to transfer images from inventory onto Quotations'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thank you for your great idea to have inventory logos to appear on your quotes and invoices. Any other users that would like to see these changes made to the reports, please do vote and comment to show your support for it.

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Thank you very much for your feedback @Evelyn


I've noticed you haven't voted for this idea. I would suggest adding your vote by clicking on the '+Vote' button located on the top left corner of this page.


Anyone else wish to see this function added, please keep the votes and comments coming.

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Images on quotes / reports would be great! This would be a massive feature and is basically missing imho, compared to other packages I've used.

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Thank you very much for vote and comment @armanperisale


I have shared your feedback with the relevant team for consideration, hopefully we can see this feature added in the future. 

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Can someone please give me some info as to whether the MYOB techs have looked at implementing this yet?

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Hi @sapol


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight. I have merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange. 

Currently this idea is still under consideration by the team. At this stage we don't have a timeframe for when this idea will be marked for development and implemented in the program. In saying that we do encourage users that would like to see this idea added to vote and comment if required.

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Inserting pictures into Sales Transaction

Please Make this Happen!

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I have guys on the road and would love a myob app to be able to take photos of receipts eg. fuel, hardware store as they are driving around without having to get hem back to the office. Even if it added them to the in tray for office to match with bank feeds.

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We provide our customers with inspection images on our quotes, and then once work has been completed we provide images of completed work along with our invoice.


A feature to attach images in the enter / edit sales window that would then populate into a field(s) in the quote / invoice would be useful



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This would be an excilent feature, five stars

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Hi, as this was put under consideration in Feb 2015, what is the progress on? The feature would be really helpful for clients.