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Sales: Being able to add a image (photo) to invoice.

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If I have an image loaded onto an Inventory Item, how do I get this image onto a quote?

If so how can this be done as an automatic action when I quote on inventory items?


Thank you



"How to transfer images from inventory onto Quotations'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thank you for your great idea to have inventory logos to appear on your quotes and invoices. Any other users that would like to see these changes made to the reports, please do vote and comment to show your support for it.

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This feature would be EXCELLENT.


Sending an invoice to a customer with product numbers and generic description is almost impossible for customers to know what product is which, a photo speaks a thousand words.



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This will be a very  good and powerful  feature. Hopefully MYOB will do this.

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This would be wonderful!!! We have over 1800 products in stock and when quoting customers usually like an image of what we are quoting them.  Maintaing spreadhseets with up-to-date pricing is a nightmare!! See real value in this!!!

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Four years later and not yet a feature. Is there an add on available that will allow this?

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Hi @L_Clark - I've asked ReceiptBank if they have a feature on their mobile app, for taking photos and uploading them to AccountRight 2018 sales invoices. They have a similar feature for expense receipts.


You might like to look in the MYOB Add-Ons Centre too.


Kym Y, Darwin

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Great idea. We currently attach an image when emailing invoice or quote, but this idea is something some of our suppliers use.

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I too have put in this request as there would be sooooo much benfit and streamlining our business!!

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This would be an extremely valuable piece of functionality for quotations.  Not being able to show the customer a picture of what we are quoting essentially makes the quoting functionality unusable for us.