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Sales: Being able to add a image (photo) to invoice.

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If I have an image loaded onto an Inventory Item, how do I get this image onto a quote?

If so how can this be done as an automatic action when I quote on inventory items?


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"How to transfer images from inventory onto Quotations'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thank you for your great idea to have inventory logos to appear on your quotes and invoices. Any other users that would like to see these changes made to the reports, please do vote and comment to show your support for it.

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Hello.  I'd like to suggest the ability to customise an invoice template to include a Product picture.  The capability to load a Product picture is already available.  It would be great to make use of this and add a Data Field for the Product picture on our customised invoices / quotes / orders.  This is another safeguard for customers to check that they have ordered the correct item.  Thank you. 

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It would be beneficial if we could include item images to invoices, quotes (and possibly purchase orders), this feature should be available asap, I can see in many threads/conversations that this feature is in demand. When will this been actioned MYOB?????

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This would be an excellent feature,  have used MYOB since 2000.

this would make a great different to my invoice

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Hi is this happening soon.  Would love to print out a parts cataloge so I can pass on to my customers

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This was suggested in 2014 and it seems like nothing has happened yet. I'm looking around for a different program that will allow this. I have had MYOB for well over 20 years and I think it's time we had some major upgrades. 

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We have been using MYOB since the business started in 2006.

I don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented yet, very disappointing.


We in the market of evaluating other accounting software and if anyone in this forum has found something they are happy with please let me know.

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We are thinking about changing to a new accounts system as our biggest down fall with MYOB is that you cant attach inventory images to the invoice or quotes forms. This would just really help with customers knowing exactly what they are recieving as we may have a few different varients or styles of the same product. I think this would be a massive advantage to you guys if was implemented as i know alot of other companies in the same boat. 

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It really would be so good if sales could have attachments like the purchases as we have customers give us drawings of things to manufacture and it would make life so much easier if we could attach them to the job and instead of having to save them elsewhere.