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Sales: Comment field selection

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The old version allowed you to write a comment which appeared on your customer's invoice, which would be personal to that particular client.  Now you have to save each comment which makes a long list that you then have to go through and delete periodically.   It would be useful if you could revert to the old method where you can either choose a saved Comment from MYOB's list, or write your own.  Thanks.


"Comment box on Invoice"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2016

Thank you all for your votes and comments for this idea, we are pleased to add this idea to our Implemented list. Please feel free to vote for any other ideas you'd like to see in the future.

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Thanks for the great idea. We encourage other users to vote and leave further comments.
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I agree with eftl.  Please bring back the comment option.

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agree also.

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I agree, its ridiculous having to save the comment, you may only ever use it once.

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Ditto for default comment on email. Often I will send an invoice to a cilent for them to process internally for an order number which is then return emailed back for me to edit & process. The default email comment has to be edited each time. Maybe the option of a 'list' that could be saved & used would be very time saving.

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Yes, please bring this back. I use it all the time.

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Premier had the ability to add any comment without having it stored.

This should be adopted so comments can be tailored

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I agree, less clutter to sort through on a regular basis, the better.

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Can a comment be entered without been saved as some we only once.

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Hi @jimel


Just a couple of questions to clear up what you'd like to know, are you asking if there is an option to leave comments about your cards in your program or are you making a suggestion for it to be changed, if so what would you like to see?

Also I notice that you're registered for AccountRight instead of LiveAccounts, could you please confirm which program you're using?