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Sales: Printing Backorder items

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The manner in which AR 2013 prints backorder invoices needs to be changed.


There is no logical reason for the backordered product to be listed with a zero quantity and zero value then listed again in the backorder section.  The original invoice line should be automatically deleted if the entire quantity is on backorder.  It causes unneccesary confusion the way it is and looks totally unprofessional.


"Printing Backorder Invoices"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

The AccountRight 2015.1 update removed those items that have been solely backordered to be exlcuded from the "invoice' part and only appear in the "backorder section". Do see AccountRight 2015.1 now available for more information.

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See my post on this topic in 2012 here: Not sure if we had an ideas board back then. Thanks for raising it again, I've voted.

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I agree, often my invoice becomes more than two pages because of the double up of tiems. I  often find myself going back to delete the items from the invoice so they are just showing as backorder.

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I agree that this is a totally unprofessional looking result - one I suspect has arisen from the previous versions method of only showing a back order until the order has been invoiced.



The answer lies in moving the items from the main body to the lower - back order section ONLY. These lines however need to remain - there needs to be a future dated time that should this invoice be reprinted that those lines back ordered are still present. 



My issue with the new version is that it now creates a back order line in PAYABLES where one NEVER existed before and is even more confusing when trying to ascertain what has actually been paid.

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I agree with Geejay.  The previous version of Delivery Dockets and Sales Invoices were perfectly fine as they were.  At least have a separate column on the Delivery Docket for backordered item quantities if they need to be printed.  Backordered items on the Sales Invoice should not be shown twice.  It's too confusing and I agree that it does not look very professional!

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 I also agree with Geejay and Jowee-Draig, backorder duplication on invoies is unneccessary and unprofessional.


Also when a invoice has been fully paid in advance if you change items and place them on backorder, then MYOB AR 2013/14  changes them  as  not paid, amending the total outstanding from NIL to the amounts of items on the back order - which is also incorrect.


Why can't the customised item templates in MYOB AR Plus 2013/14 be as flexible as the 19.9 versions. This new customising tool for invoices is so frustrating when you cannot even include a backorder column as previous versions.

There are so many issues with this new verison that could be improved.

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This is causing major problems with my business. Please rectify ASAP. All items not receieve on invoice should be placed only under the backorder section.


Regards, Jenni

MYOB Product Manager Dale
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Thank you for your feedback on this.   We are intending to make this change in an upcoming release.


I would also be interested to hear from people if you see value in being able to show under a backorder header on the screen version of the invoice the items that have been backordered.  So that the printed invoice looked more like the screen version.  Would this be a valuable thing to investigate?

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Dale, that's great news! Re your comment on a backorder header, do you mean "so that the screen version looked more like the printed version"?


Having a back-ordered header on the screen invoice would be tricky to manage, surely, or require constant (auto-)refresh.


Another option would be to show the backordered column on the printed invoice, just as it appears on screen, and not have a separate section for backorders. That would make MYOB invoices similar to many other systems. The method MYOB adopted to show backorders in v19 is unique as far as I know, and much more difficult to implement. I wonder how others would see this option?

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Why not continue to lead the field and have the Backorder section separate.  From the custoner perspective, it makes it extremely easy to see what has occurred.  I can't see any reason whay that would be required on the screen version.

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Has this been resolved? My client just upgraded from v19 premier to Accountright 2014.4 and wants to be able to have invoices without 'backordered' showing on the actual main invoice.