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Sales/Purchases: Retain a copy of original order date

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We use Sales Orders and Purchase Orders that are converted into invoices when goods arrive or are sent to our customers, for us this can be 2-3 months after the order is placed.

When converting from order to invoice, we have to manually change the date from the "Order Date" to "Invoice Date" and the history of when the order was placed has disappeared. 

Can there please be a seperate area on each the Sales and Purchase Invoices for "Order Date" to be retained and the "Invoice Date" be automatically inserted as current date as it does when raising a new invoice, order or quote (but can be changed if necessary)?

This feature would also need to be co-ordinated with "Deposits Paid" and "Deposits Received" to ensure that the correct date is applied when the automatic transfering of the deposit is recorded.      Thanks


"Sales and Purchase Invoices to show the "Order Date" as well as "Invoice Date""

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Hi Wendy

You do know that if you happen to change the date on a pended order or purchase to any particular date and record it then MYOB will not automatically replace any subsequent orders or purchases with todays date but with the date the last invoice was recorded at

The system should always default to the current date when starting anything new as it is the date it was started. If you need to change it to a previous or future date then you can do that manually as you are the only person who knows what date you want to put on the invoice/purchase

It should also be possible if needed that you could lock the date ( by using a radio button on the screen near the date ) so you can input a number of post or future dated inputs without needing to input the changed date each time.

Then when you have finished and are starting anything new you can click the button off and it will automatically set todays date

Oh what heaven that simple thing would be 

Best of luck getting any changes as I have been trying to get changes liek taht for 20 plus years and so far NOTHING


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This functionality would be useful for delivering a KPI report, there should be a functionality in the backend that captures date and time stamping that would allow for a KPI - On time delivery report to be delivered 


Original Work Order date 

Date Invoice Raised


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I know the default behaviour of (any version) Windows when copying or moving folders, is that Windows actually first creates a new folder, copies the content and when moving folders, deletes the source folder after succesful copy. In contrast to the Mac OS, where copy and move mechanisms assume that, when you copy a folder, the properties of the copied folder should have the same properties as the source folder.