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Search: Partial card name

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There is a constant need to Search for cards or items etc (Most importantly Cards) and if you dont have the exact name of the card or know how it was entered it can very difficult to locate.  Searching systems in most other software allows for part of the searched item to be entered and available options pop up.


Within MYOB, one should be able to move a myob screen to another monitor in a dual monitor system.


One should be able to scroll lists with a mouse wheel.


"Searching and Duel Screens"

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Hi Everyone

AccountRight 2016.3 introduced a new Card List window, this allows for the user to partial search by card name. This update also introduced the same ability with item numbers/names using a wildcard character.

For more information on this feature and others included in the AccountRight 2016.3 please see AccountRight 2016.3 now available.

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I'd like to suggest the following changes:

  1. Partial search functions when trying to find suppliers, if you don't know the first part of their name your stuffed.
  2. When searching Account numbers and Job numbers it would be great to search the names as well as the numbers, partial search too.
  3. For purchases, it would be great to add presets into the journal memo, like the supplier invoice number or other custom presets.

Thanks. I'm dying for these functions to be introduced.