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Setup: Allow windows to be opened in another screens

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Would MYOB see the benefit of being able to move some windows to a second screen? With a lot of information available at any one time it can get quite confusing. I realise reports cand be moved and I can try opening a second session on another screen but it would be good to be able to drag a window from the main screen to a second one.


"Make use of dual screens"

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I don't know of an office worker that doesn't use dual screens.  Come on MYOB have you ever attended the seminar entitled "Innovate or Die"?  I dare say this entire portal is entirely devoid of staff readership for fear of having them be exposed to a great idea.

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You are able to open the same MYOB file twice on the one computer, so you could have the seperate screens open as you want.


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Further to what Stephen said, I find the best way to open the file twice is to use the desktop shortcut or start menu to open the second one. I haven't been able to do it from a pinned shortcut on the taskbar. (I'm on a desktop.)


I also don't do it for long periods of time or I start to have issues but it's handy for half an hour or so.