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Spend Money/Receive Money: Select default account (not top bank account)

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You can select a default bank account for Sales and Purchases, why doesn't this account default for Spend/Receive Money or have the ability to choose a default account, it is not necessarily the first Bank Account in the list that you want to be your default.  We recently changed our bank accounts, and have not closed the previous one, now I have to select the bank account every time I enter a transaction.


"The ability to select a Default Bank Account for Spend/Receive Money"

Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Hello @vt12

I would just change the account numbering so that the new account you want as the default is the top / first one.



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Thank you for your idea. Our team has reviewed the idea and has ensured it meets our idea submission criteria. For more information on idea submission criteria, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

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Verious  Default bank account would be great. Our superannuation always comes out automatically out of a different account,  however  this isn't the default account. It too easy to forget to change the account. 

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I strongly support this suggestion.


It is very tedious to be continually changing the Pay from Account default that MYOB imposes to the one that I actually use. MYOB creates extra key strokes and extra work. It would be so easy to make this better.