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Spend Money: Use supplier' tax code as default

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We are a builder who have a lot of various subcontractors. Most are registered for GST, but there are several who are not. As MYOB doesnt currently pick up the Supplier Card tax code, we have to just "remember" which subcontractors are not registered for GST (GNR).


We are using Bank Feeds to save us time, which means we our purchases are entered as a "Spend Money" transaction (we have a rule set up). Supplier Card tax codes are not picked up in the Spend Money transactions.


The following would be useful:



Can the "Spend Money" transaction be altered to apply and use the relevant Supplier Card tax code, rather than a default setting? Because this is not picked up from the Supplier Card, if a subcontractor is not registered for GST (i.e. GNR) and we have to "remember" to change the tax code MANUALLY to GNR.


-------------------------- OR -----------------------------------------



I have been advised that the Supplier Card tax code is picked up through "Purchases" and we would need to go to "Enter Purchases", enter the payment $$ into the "Paid Today" Field and this would then use the Supplier Card tax code. We are using Bank Feeds to save us time, so doing the above steps would be going backwards for us. Can you add the option to "Enter as a purchase" when we right click on a bank feed transaction, which would then apply the tax code from the Supplier Card to the transaction?


I hope this makes sense. Thanks.



 "Supplier Card tax code not picked up in "Spend Money" transactions"


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Thank you for your post @DMG-DURAL. Further to Ron's suggestion of naming your Supplier cards to indicate the Tax Code to be used, you could also set up separate (Expense) Accounts with the GNR Tax Codes. Since the Banking >> Spend Money window picks up the Tax Codes based on the account, this change will save you the trouble of changing it in the Spend Money window. Having said that we would like to know if others would like the Spend Money window to pick up the Tax Code from the Supplier card. Therefore please Vote and comment.

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I have noticed that if I have ticked "Use suppliers tax code" in the buying details tab of a supplier card that the chart of account override only works if using the purchase register.

For a smaller company who enters most expenses through Spend Money this feature does not work. It would be great if you have selected the option to use a suppliers tax code that it works within spend money, enter purchases and recive money.

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Hi @AmandaClio

Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight 

I've merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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Hello @AmandaClio

in most cases ther is no need to have the Use Supplier Tax Code ticked as GST will apply on most supplies. Just tick those where most of the supplies are FRE or EXP.



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Hi David,


I was rather surprised to read your post as the whole point of the tick box called “Use Supplier Tax Code” is supposed to do just that.  This is yet another feature that MYOB have only half implemented.


Why put the option in the software called “Use Supplier Tax Code” and then only have the feature work some times?


The reason I use an accounting package is to streamline my work flow and therefore reduce the incidence of human errors that are more likely to occur with manual processes when a person has to remember supplier A is GST registered and Supplier B is not.


Another big hole in AccountRight Basic is that you cannot even enter the ABN on a supplier’s card and therefore you do not have the auto ABN validation option.


I know that Basic does not have the Purchases module, but a business is still required by law to confirm the GST status of each payment to each supplier and it is recommended that you record this to save looking it up each time.


This is just another feature that is a “work in progress” as quoted to me by any number of the staff at MYOB.  They don’t seem to be able to complete any new feature to the point that it actually improves your work flow.

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The default tax code for specific customers or suppliers works only on invoices and purchases.  Would it not also be wise to have this work on Spend or Receive Money?

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I also have this problem.

The chart o accounts is supposed to represent the operations of the business.  Setting up separate accounts just to separate spend money transactions between GST and GNR is simply not a satisfactory solution.

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The good:

when recording spend money against a supplier card, the default expense account defaults in from the card

The bad:

when recording spend money against a supplier card, the default tax code does not default in from the card - even if the option to "Use Supplier's Tax Code" is checked

The solution: the topic to the community forum Smiley Happy


I did a search and could not find a similar post.

Please add your agreement or otheriwse.

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Hi @Donald_W_Garton


Thank you for your feedback on AccountRight, as a small note I have moved your post to our AccountRight Idea Exchange here on the Community.


You can find the AccountRight Idea Exchange by going to Browse Community at the top > AccountRight > AccountRight Idea Exchange.


Feel free to browse or submit any other suggestions you have for AccountRight.

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Tax codes from the supplier card should appear in spend money transactions if the "Use Supplier's Tax Code" option is ticked.  But currently the chart of accounts tax code appears.

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I would really appreciate it if when entering a payment in spend money the tax code defaulted to the suppliers default on their card.  Currently some do and some dont and I have to remember which so I can change it.