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Statements: Ability to add an attachment

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It great that we can add documents when we send invoices out via email.


I would like to be able to attach invoices to the statement when sending them also. Or being able to save to disk the statement so that the statement and other attachments can be sent together.





"Add Attachment when Emailing Statements"

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It would be nice to be able to provide a summary of a customers invoices on a statement. I raise a lot of invoices each week so it would be good to send these in a summarised batch to the customer.

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It is great to be able to now attach a document when emailing invoices from AccountRight Live.  I would like to see this feature extended to include the ability to attach a document when emailing statements.  I would use this for example, when I wanted to advise customers the likes of of Christmas Shutdown hours, Price Increases.  This would be much quicker than syncing cards with Outlook and doing a mass email.

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Saving Statements to disk will be a great feature instead of scaning into your computer to consolidate into one email.


If we could email the Statement with Invoices even much time will this save.


Excellent idea...Please consider this MYOB!!!

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Agree ....


There is not much point being able to email invoices directly from MYOB if you are unable to attach any supporting documents and/or POD's.


We have to print invoice, then scan through with supporting docs then attach to an email and send off.


I have found that v2015.3 is more time consuming and much, much slower than the good ol' v19.10.


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Hi @Pirate1


Thank you for your comments in regards to this idea

AccountRight 2015 allows for the user to attach documents to invoices via the Edit Sales Window. To do this go to Sales>>Sales Register>>Select the relevant transaction. This will bring up the Edit Sales Window from here you can select Sent to>>Email and then select the Attachment button

Please note that this is an exclusive feature of AccountRight 2015 range and was not available in the AccountRight Classic range.

This idea on the AccountRight Idea's Exchange is aimed at a feature where the relevant invoices or other documents are attached to statements to the customers not invoices.

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Also the ability to add a Contact Log when sending statements automatically.

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With the post costs going through the roof I want to attach our Newsletter as a follow on to the Statement being emailed....not in a seperate attachment - I'd be happy adding a 2nd page to the statement form and inserting the newsletter as an image so it gets printed off with the statement and not just trashed.


How can I add a 2nd page to a Statement?????


Thanks Smiley Happy

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I vote for this.

I believe this is actually part of a larger issue - that MYOBs Email sending capabilities simply don't include many features that Outlook offers. This is why i made a suggestion to add a setting to get MYOB to compose the Email in Outlook, but NOT send it (at the moment it composes the email in Outlook and sends it automatically with no way to stop it or change it) - this will allow the user to modify the contents, add attachments, etc.


Here's a link to my suggestion made a while back, although unfortunately it didn't gain any traction:

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Yes I love this idea myself. I would like to be able to attach flyers with our statements.

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 I am trialling MYOB Essentials and would love to be able to attach scanned copies of the handwritten invoices we do to the customer statement. I notice this is a request from September 2015 and wonder if there is an update on this request.