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Reports: Export all reports to Excel

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Need to make all reports exportable to excel

Cant export trial balance to excel

Cant export GST reports to excel

Balance sheet exports account numbers and account description into separate columns yet P&L is concatenated - WHY?

All this makes it time consuming to prepare working papers


"Export reports to excel"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July

Hi Everyone

Thank you for all showing your support for this idea

MYOB Business allows for all reports to be exported to Excel.

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Hi Essentials Team,


Previously from memory - Live Accounts allowed export of to excel for the trial balance.

1) Could we get this feature reinstated for the trial balance for Essentials? Similar to that it would be great if we could get the GL to be exported in excel format as well. This is a heavily used feature for accountants and if all reports could eventually export to excel - we will love the product even more!


In addition to the above, if you could introduce report customisation of:


2) Being able to remove $ symbols and format ZEROs as dashes or just leave it as blank.


3) All Reports to be able to filter out accounts with zero balances so that the reports will be shorter (removes lines with nil balances).


Suggestion 2) and 3) will ensure that we don't go crazy from looking through the reports that come out of MYOB Essentials. Suggestion 1) will make the data much more usable for us in excel.


Thanks - I am happy to take a call if you need me to demonstrate the above.


Steven Ling

03 9894 2500

Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants


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Would definitely agree.  We are in the process of transitioning our business from a sole trader operation to a company structure - which requires two MYOB profiles.  Yet all our customers and suppliers remain the same.  Was searching online to try and figure out how to export contacts from our old MYOB profile to the new.... but clearly not an option and will all have to be done manually Smiley Sad painful.


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I use MYOB Essentials and i am looking to export my customer details so i can create a database of my customer details. 


It seems a large oversight to not allow a business owner the option to export his customer details?


How do i export details?



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Hi @Merchandisingli - run Reports - Contacts - Customers and print your report to a PDF File (using Cute PDF, pdfDocs, Acrobat or similar).


Then open your file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using its' Tools menu, you can convert it to Excel or Word, with their online converter (you'll need an annual subscription, which costs about $22 - but it's well worth it !).


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Doing exactly the same thing😥


I have used the app on the go to view the files on my phone while entering into essentials on my ipad......I dont have a pc



but painful.....just entering them as I need them, not in one go

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I want to put my hand up for this one.  It is Christmas time and I can't even export a customer list.  This restricts any extra contact with customers.  No contacting them for Christmas and no way of letting them know of any special offers.

I need this!

Please consider allowing Customer details to be exported to Excel

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Had a client wanting to do this for Trial balances and thought this should be a feature...
Just an idea. Smiley Happy

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Hi Tana,


What is it that you would like to export to Excel?


In the past I have ususally run the General Ledger detail report and exported that to Excel.  The accountants I work with are happy with this, if they don't want their own log in to the business data.


Don't forget that there is already an option to export to an MYE file, but that file format may only work with Accountant's Office software.





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Hi there..

The trial balances report?
Generating report only gives the option to save as PDF?
Client wanted to be able to export this report to Excell..
From what I found this wasn't possible? Is that correct? And only way would be to convert the PDF after saving?

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Hi Tana,


It looks like you are correct.  The trial balance cannot be saved as an Excel file.


There are some big holes in Essentials and it looks like this is another one. 


I also tried to run the General Ledger report as a summary without any details, but that is not an option either.


I have voted for this suggestion.