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Setup: User Accounts/restricting users

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When I demonstrated LiveAccounts early on to an accounting firm I get referrals from the initital response was "What about User Accounts and restricted access"?  Any plans on this front?


"User Accounts/restricting users"

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Last Changed: July

Hi Everyone

MYOB Business allows users to have user restrictions for their users. 

Check out Users for more information on this feature.

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I run a small business and we are taking on new employees who will need access to create quotes and invoices in myob essentials but they won't need access to payroll, reports, dashboard, banking.  Is there any way to restrict this access?  Ideally they would have a log on that gave them just access to create invoices, quotes and receipt payment. A simple rule set in the user admin page would do the trick. 


If if anyone else has solved this problem it would be great to hear from you. 

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For what it's worth, I would welcome the 'invoicing only' user access in Essentials. 

As it stands, it's becomming crucial to the opertion of our business, and we may have to switch packages to acommodate shortly. 

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I see 2 years later....this issue is still nowhere near being implemented!


We've just signed on with MYOB Essentials and discovering that the User Access only has 2 levels of definitely not looking good for our staying with MYOB.


I've been a MYOB user for 6 years now....and my company has now decided to go ahead with using MYOB Essentials, running with the Wholly Online function. However not being able to create and have limited access for users to be able to have access to ONLY nominated areas such as Sales to create invoices and Receive payments and to NOWHERE Else is just NOT ON!


Fix this or say BYE to another loyal MYOB user!!

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Hi @Acc_PBC


Thank for your feedback and voting for this particular idea

At this stage we are unable to provide a direct time frame for when this particular idea will be marked for development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment for this particular idea.

Once again thank you for your feedback, I have shared it with the team.

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it seems its taken them a long time to look into including this feature in this version of the software. It appears comments were first made about in 2011 and they seemed to have not taken it into consideration.



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Hello. I, like many others need to be able to set up a user to do invoicing only. I can not believe that this is not possible! I get plenty of marketing emails from myob telling me how their software saves me, the business owner time, however when it comes to a tedious task such as creating invoicing, i can not get someone else to do it as it would allow them to also see payroll, income, profits etc.

Am I missing something? To me this is really basic necessary functionality. 

Really disappointed.

Will consider other options to myob if this isnt rectified soon as looking through this forum plenty of requests from customers appear to be ingnored. 

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 I think this is an essential feature especially where payroll is being used so that access to that feature can be limited and the other invoicing and quoting features can be utilised by staff other than the payroll administrator.

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I can see that this thread has been going on for ages but Myob is not listening to its customers. With so much advancement in technology and softwares development, I am not sure how difficult it is to implment this for MYOB. It should just be a matter of telling your software guys to put some restriction into what a standard can orcan ont see. I switched to Myob from QB online but even a $25/month software had this feature beautufully implemented (very improtant for business that all their staff does not have access to payroll and buisnes reports) and payroll with downloading ABA file which was added lately by MYOB. I was advised by my bookkeeper to try MYOB but she was wrong. Plrease implement it as a priority as an important feature.


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Thank you all for your feedback. User access management is certainly a popular requested feature, we are pleased to let you know that our developers are targeting this in 2017.


Please continue casting your vote if you are interested in this idea, and leave any detailed suggestions to our developers in the comment section. 

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Would like to give read only access to committee members.