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It's that time of year again, when you get to use the Superpowers of your knowledge and expertise to win $$$!


The MYOB Community Forum is a great place to share your knowledge and tips on making the most of the MYOB software and services, especially at this time of year. And with the Forum Superhero Competition, you can win $$$ for your generosity!


How do I participate, you ask? It's very simple! You will earn points each time you participate on the forum, right up until 31 July!


Here’s what you'll earn:


Be the one with the most points at the end of the competition, to win a $500 gift card! Come second to win a $200 gift card. 


There will be other prizes for:


  • the most engaged NZ (as per location provided during registration) member;
  • the top Solution provider in the ‘I’m an Accountant’ space;
  • new member* with most kudos;
  • new MYOB Partner** with most kudos;
  • post with most kudos

     *new member – any member with a lifetime count of 10 posts or less

     **new MYOB Partner - any MYOB Partner with a lifetime count of 10 posts or less


Find out more in our Terms and Conditions. And don’t forget to check back here for point leader updates. 


We’ll be announcing the winners of our 2018 Superhero competition on 1 August 2018.



Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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Hi everyone,


It's one month since we launched the 2018 Forum Superhero competition! Sincere apologies for not keeoping you all updated with the Superhero points tally!


This June has been one of the busiest we've ever been on the forum! On behalf of the 130k+ unique visitors to our forum this month, thank you to each of you for your generousity in sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise on the forum and helping our community during this very busy time. 


Superhero Points Leaderboard from 19 June 2018 to 19 Jul 2018


  1. @GDay53               1079
  2. @Kym__Yeoward     496
  3. @ronatbas                446
  4. @gavin12345           402
  5. @IanChait                 311
  6. @Mike_James           199


Thank you very much to each of our top superheros for taking the time to help our community during this busy period. Thank you also to @oyster@Cloud_Mind@PaulBihet and @AlanT for their contributions and being among the top 10 in the points tally.


Special mention to the following users for sharing solutions with the community:


@PGads@Foodies@Bwaar@MalinaLee@Sharkexports@nooch1960@DebHam@SuziT@JasonLim and @doublet. 


With the 2018 EOFY buzz (mostly) behind us, the Social Support team looks forward to your continued support in helping this community of MYOB clients and partners make the most of our software. 



Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd