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Thank you for 2018!

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Hi all,


What an amazing year this has been! With over two million visitors, ~49k posts, ~13.5k new registered members and close to 4k Accepted Solutions, we've had a busy year on our forum!


As we've said time and again, the success of this community is very much reliant on the generosity of our members.


Our top contributors for 2018 were:

@GDay53@gavin12345@Kym__Yeoward@Mike_James@ronatbas@IanChait@sholt73@Will_SolnX@AlanT@DuncanS@CloudMindAcc and @jenniek. Special mention to Graeme (@GDay53), for making over 1100 posts in the year! 


Thank you very much to each of you for generously sharing your time and knowledge with our community. I look forward to working with each of you and welcoming new members in 2019. 


We have some great plans for 2019! We've been working on setting up Single Sign On (SSO) for our Community and expect to release this in early 2019. SSO will allow our clients and partners to seamlessly move between our online products and our forum without the need to log in each time. We're also excited about the work we've been doing on improving the user interface of our Search window and some board restructuring. Once released (early next year), it should make it that much easier to find information on our forum. 


Hope you all have a wonderful and safe festive season and a fantastic start to 2019! 


Warm regards,  

Suja Pillai

Social Support Manager

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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Thanks for the shout out @Suja_P . 


I feel a tiny bit weird getting my name mentioned in the same space as @jenniek@gavin12345 and @CloudMindAcc who I'm pretty sure are much more public faces to the community.  (I mean, I recognise their names from when I still worked in AccountRight. Smiley Happy


If anyone needs anything Exo or Advanced related, feel free to shoot me a tag.