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Hi everyone,


We've heard your feedback about our forum's Search function and have made some changes to improve the experience for you. 


We've updated Forum Search to make it easier for you to find and use the rich content on our forum.


Changes we've made:


  • User interface  
    While the interface hasn't changed much, you will find that the search results are far better than it used to be. And that the filters and sort options now work as expected.
  • Default Sort Order
    The default sort order has been changed from showing results matching your search terms, in no logical order, to sorting it in date order, with most recent posts matching your search, appearing first.
  • Select multiple products and boards
    You’re no longer restricted to selecting only one product or boards at a time. You can now select multiple boards to refine your search.
  • 'Contains' filter removed
    We found that this filter was causing unrelated topics to come up in our searches. So, we’ve removed this option.

We hope the changes we’ve made helps you find what you are looking for. We’re keen to continue to improve your search experience, so please let us know what you think and share your feedback and suggestions by posting them here as a reply or sending me a private message with the details.


Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd