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New Zealand

Can we please have the ability to import a Chart of Accounts


"Importing a Chart of Accounts"

Experienced Partner DebraAnderson
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Can we vote on this mulitple times ;-)


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From an accountants point of view this would be extremely advantageous

Trusted Partner ARushworth
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Again, from an accoutants point of view, being able to quickly import a standardise the Chart of Accounts for all clients would save a great deal of time.



Partner Docca61
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You can import a chart of Accounts now.  If you goto Accounts List Import Accounts.  It will override the current chart of Accounts with your new one.  The only ones it won't change are the system accounts the ones with the Padlocks.  You just need to update those manually afterwards.


I agree with you that you should be able to do i at the start of the process rather than afterwards.

Former Staff Tallie_M
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Hi everyone,


We're pleased to announce this has been implemented into MYOB Essentials. Users are now able to import an accounts list into their business file by clicking on the Settings option located in the upper right corner of MYOB Essentials > Accounts List > Import Accounts.


Please find additional information on our help page Importing an accounts list.