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Bank transactions: Allocating with negative lines

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When entering a BAS payment, the bank fees do not allow an allocation of negative number to be entered.

Live a/c's requires a spend/receive money transacton to be entered and then matched to bank transaction.


Wouldn't it be easier and more efficient just to allow negative number to be recorded?

This function is available in the Banklink program via a 'dissect' function.


When entering a spend/receive money transaction, I need to remember the date of the transaction, which bank to 'Pay From' then the actual numbers and accounts. Seems very inefficient and unnecessary when a simple allocation can take place in the bank feed.


"Allocating negative numbers in bank feed transactions"

Partner Kazaray
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I'm totally new to LiveAccounts and had exactly the same issue.  So frustrating but I got around it by creating an ATO invoice where you can enter negative amounts.  My payment then automatically allocated to that invoice.

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thanks for your feedback on how Bank Feeds currently look at allocating negative values, we're happy to look at changing how it looks at this in the future. The see the demand from the community to add this change in, it would be great to see votes from those who want it and comments from those who have anything more to add.
MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows for the user to enter a negative value for an allocation line on a bank transaction. Note: this will increase the amount left to be allocated.