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Bank transactions: Match transaction - Automatically create customer return for overpayments

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Bank feeds are great but unfortunately customers often pay bills incorrectly. Underpayment has now been solved leaving amount owing on invoices and that's great and practical. The opposite where a customer over-pays is still an issue. For example, an invoice amount is $47.50 and the customer pays $48, overpaying $0.50.


I can do this manually through "make payment" on the invoice and the remaining 50 cents is automatically created for me as a customer return which I can then apply to the next invoice of that customer and it shows up as a credit when I send statements. BUT this does not happen when I try to allocate their payment from the bank feed to their invoice. If it's not equal to or less than the invoice I cannot allocate the payment from the bank feed. I prefer not to do this manually because it's more transactions I have to perform and makes it more difficult to track back if I need to (where did this payment go, why isn't it directly against the invoice, inconsistent, etc..).


Can you apply the same process to bank payments that are greater than the outstanding invoice amounts, ie have MYOB automatically create a return (and prompt you with a yes/no)?





"Automatically create customer return when bank feed payment exceeds invoices"

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Please allow MYOB Essentials to accept payments from customers without requiring instant allocation to an invoice.


We have a number of customers who pay in advance. We also have clients who need an accounting package with the ability to accept pre-payments.


At the moment MYOB Essentials does not appear to cater for the pre-payments.

It is even more awkward when there is a new customer who hasnt yet been invoiced, and starts making payments.


We need to be able to accept these payments into the customers accounts smoothly, and have them show as payments on the customers statement. Better still, if they could also be auto-matched to the client (for those who pay weekly).

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In the banking module if there is an over payment and when you are matching a transaction with multiple invoices it would be a big improvement for the balance to be handled better instead of the current process of having to create a specific invoice for the transaction.