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Payroll: Update values as entered





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I have a suggestion regarding the pay run set up. It used to be that the total for each employee changed as we put the different amounts in, i.e. hourly rates, meal allowance, over time etc. Now the total doesn't change until we press 'next employee' which is ok - but inconvenient. It means we have to go back to each employee if we want to make any changes to their wage and we often do since we pay them commission. We liked it much better before when we could change the numbers and the total would change accordingly. It was much more cost and time efficient. Would you please pass this on, or let us know if there is a setting we can change ourselves. Thanks


"Pay run efficiency"

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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials will update the values of the pay for the employee (on the right-hand side) as they are entered. For example, if you add $100 overtime to the employee the Gross will change to $100.