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AccountRight 2016.2.1 now available

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This release gives Australian businesses the PAYG tax tables that take effect from 1 July 2016.


And if you’re currently using AccountRight 2016.2, installing this update will fix a few issues that were reported in that release.


The 2016-17 PAYG tax tables for Australia are here


Install this update to ensure all your employees are paid the right amounts from 1 July 2016.


You can install this update before 1 July, but make sure you’ve finished all pay runs for the 2015-16 payroll year before you load the tax tables.


To load the tax tables

  1. Open your company file, go to the Setup menu and choose Load Payroll Tax Tables.

  2. Click Load Tax Tables.

  3. If you have more than one company file, repeat these steps in each file.

To check that the tax tables have loaded


Open your company file, go to the Setup menu and choose General Payroll Information. The Tax Table Revision Date field will show 01/07/2016


Resources to make this EOFY easy for you
Need some help with end-of-year processes? We’ve got a range of helpful resources you can watch and use right now.



Some things to know if you’re updating from 2016.2


If you’re experiencing the following issues since upgrading to AccountRight 2016.2 (Australia and New Zealand releases), good news - they’re fixed in this release:


  • API connection issues when using add-ons with the PC Edition of AccountRight 2016.2. Connected solutions may not list your company file or may display “Empty” when accessing the API.

  • Blank custom Balance Sheet reports, and crashes when using the Balance Sheet Advanced Filters option.

  • Errors when using cards that have JPG images attached to them.

Also note that this update is a little different to previous releases:


  • You won’t see a new desktop icon for the 2016.2.1 release. You can keep using the AccountRight 2016.2 icon to open AccountRight.

  • Your company file won’t need upgrading, which means computers using 2016.2 or 2016.2.1 can access your file without a problem (but you should still install this update on all computers).

  • When installation is complete, you won’t see a confirmation message. You can restart AccountRight immediately after installing the update.

  • You’ll only be prompted to install this update if you use the PC Edition of AccountRight. If you use the Server Edition on any computers, you’ll need to download the full 2016.2.1 Server Edition installer from or and install it on those computers.

  • If you download the full 2016.2.1 installer from the my.MYOB website, you will need to uninstall your existing 2016.2 software before you can install the new version. But if you download the "update" installer (look for a .msp file) or you update from within your AccountRight software, you don't need to uninstall first.



How to update


This update will be available to all AccountRight subscribers in Australia and New Zealand over the next few days.

If you’re using:

  • AccountRight 2016.2 or earlier: You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file. Or, you can download the installer by signing in to or

    If you have issues updating, learn what can stop AccountRight from updating.

  • AccountRight v19 or earlier: Visit to download this release.

    (Australia only) If you're moving from AccountRight v19 to AccountRight 2016.2.1 this EOFY, you should wait until you’ve finished all pay runs for the 2016 payroll year before upgrading your software. You won’t be able to record pays using the old tax tables after you upgrade.