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We’ve taken some of the best features of AccountRight and made them mobile. AccountRight and your smartphone now give you the ability to manage your accounts and cashflow on the go.


The new MYOB OnTheGo app is available to download from the Apple App Store (AU) (NZ) and Google Play (AU) (NZ).


What can you do with the app?


Well, when you pull up for a job, first check the OntheGo app to see if the client owes you any money. No? Great, get out there and do your best work.


When you finish up, you can simply invoice your client on the spot. No need to jot down what you’ve just done and wait until next time you’ve got your computer open to create an invoice. You can even email it straight to your client from your phone. So handy for saving you from all that “Oh, I never got that invoice from you” hassle.


See how easy it is to invoice on your phone.



Received a call about some new work? Create a new contact in AccountRight, and when it comes time to visit, the app will sync with your phone’s map software and give you directions.



Best of all, any changes you make are updated in real time, so the moment you change anything, it’s in your online file, so anyone else you work with has access to the information you enter via the OnTheGo app.


Visit the MYOB website (Australia) (New Zealand) for more information, or download the app and see if it changes the way you do business.