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More ways to get paid with MYOB, now with PayPal and PayPal Pay in 4

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What’s happening?

We’re excited to announce PayPal as an additional payment option alongside existing payment methods. By offering multiple fast, secure and convenient payment options, we’re making it easier than ever to get paid with MYOB.

To enable PayPal customers just need to sign up for Online Invoice Payments, and when they send an invoice, simply have the check box ‘Allow Online Payments’ ticked.

On the payers' end, when they receive the invoice, they’ll be provided with the option to pay online, using a credit card, BPAY, Apple, Google Pay and now PayPal. Payers can choose an option that best suits them and with PayPal, they now have the option to buy now and pay later using PayPal’s Pay in 4 capability. 

All payment options are priced at 1.8% of the value of the invoice + 0.25c. 

For further information please see the help articles below. 

MYOB Business
PayPal, Pay in 4

Please note OIP is currently only available to Australian customers across our MYOB Business and AccountRight products.