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Welcome to the AccountRight Blog.


This new blog will provide a chance for AccountRight users to get news direct from our product development team. We will share our latest plans for our flagship cloud accounting software, including the latest updates, upcoming features, fixes and new bells and whistles.


We will also give you a glimpse behind the scenes here at MYOB. We will share how we develop our software, how we prioritise one feature over another, and even demystify some of the language and processes of software development.


We know we’re not perfect. No software company is. You will get to know the issues we are addressing and how we are fixing them. We know from the popular AccountRight Idea Exchange that you have many great suggestions for further improving our software. We are listening and acting upon your feedback. We want to be transparent with you – our clients who continue to support us.


To kick things off, here’s a peek at our software development cycle.




Since the release of AccountRight Live last year, we now more regularly release software updates. Our development and release cycle can be as short as six weeks. And the cycle never ends. Ever. Of course, some features are quickly and easily added while others may take months to plan, implement and test. Fortunately, our programmers are well stocked with coffee, Red Bull and every other legal stimulant known to mankind and are always ready to kick ass and bring you something awesome.


We hope you find this blog useful in getting the most out of your software. We encourage you to subscribe via the Blog Options drop down list so you never miss a post. We also welcome any feedback about what you would like to read on the blog.


Stay tuned for new blogs very soon.