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🚨 Service Disruption Update 07/05/2024

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MYOB Moderator
3 months ago

We're experiencing a service disruption impacting select MYOB products. 

We understand some customers are facing challenges with logging into their account due to this issue.

We are dedicated to resolving this issue and have our team investigating. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

For the latest information: 

 We appreciate your patience and are doing everything we can to restore services as quickly as possible. 

Published 3 months ago
Version 1.0


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi SDuddy thanks for the feedback. Access to the forum was absolutely unfortunate timing with the upgrade being completed today. 

    The two disruptions were not directly linked, but the increased traffic to the forum due to the access incident, coupled with having just published the new forum caused an overload error here in the forum.

    Co-ordinating our communications is something we are always working to improve, we have many options that can be taken to notify our customers when we are aware of an incident, these can be:

    • Our Status hub
    • In product messaging
    • Emails
    • Media statements
    • Social media posts
    • Community forum posts
    • Messaging on our support channels like MOCA, phone and livechat

    Its also important to note that from the time MYOB is aware of an incident we also need to understand how many services and customers are affected.
    This can affect how long it might take to be changed in status hub and what channels we might use to notify our customers.

    Status Hub and the Community Forum would definitely be two of the most common places for us to update, I really appreciate that you do check here and are subscribed to the status hub.

    In the event that there is another incident in future, I hope that we can better meet our customers expectations with communication 

    Kind regards, Mike

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    Trusted User

    What are the chances of the payroll we'd almost finishing processing being salvageable when we get back online? They hadn't been recorded yet.
    You really need to introduce an unexpected close recovery feature like the microsoft office products. We have three hours of work to redo in time for the bank to still process it today. I can only imagine how much worse it is for even bigger companies.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi everyone
    Services have now been restored and access to MYOB software is now available again.

    Thank you for your patience will we worked to resolve this as quickly as possible.

    Kind regards, Mike

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      Experienced User

      Can we talk about the lag with service status updates?  

      Couldn't access the forums.  The first confirmation I could get that it wasn't "just us" was ringing support, getting a recorded message that there was an issue and don't bother holding on to speak to someone because we can't give any further information. They recommended subscribing to the support page for updates, but I was already subscribed AND your support page was showing all green traffic lights.  

      We didn't get an email from MYOB advising that they were investigating an incident until 30 minutes after I had emailed my team advising that it looked like MYOB was down.

      We still haven't received a communication email to say that the issue is fixed.

      It's bad enough losing half a day's work for the entire team, but the lack of communication through your recommended channels is incredibly frustrating.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi H-TS,


    I appreciate your feedback, and I understand your worry about the possible loss of your nearly finished payroll due to the previous service interruption. Since our system is back now, I would recommend doing the payrun again, and it should allow you to finish it without any interruption. However, your idea about the unexpected close recovery feature is greatly appreciated. I encourage you to please take a moment to post on the MYOB Business Ideas Exchange board for consideration. Thanks for your patience with this matter.


    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.



    Kind regards,

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      Trusted User

      These cookie cutter responses are really annoying. As if I needed to be "recommended" to reprocess the payroll. How could we not? Half the time it seems like the moderator replying hasn't even read or understood the original message.


      Also, this new look forum is not working. I can't even get back to the 'welcome to the new look' post I saw to add my comment there. I go to the home page, I can see a link to the post, I hover over it and it looks right, but clicking on it it goes to this page instead:

      I click on links to other posts and they go to completely random posts, not the one I'm trying to get to. It's a mess. Clicking the search icon just greys out my page and doesn't give me anywhere to type.


      All I really want, is a product that does what it's supposed to do, and real, live, human support, when I need it. By phone. Livechat is awful when the person on the other end seems like they're helping multiple customers at once - we're supposed to just sit around and wait several minutes for a response? Then if we are delayed replying because a customer walks in or phones, we get cut off because they 'haven't heard from you in a while' and have to start all over again.