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12 months ago


Hi everyone


I have discovered today that our MYOB tax year has reverted back to 2022.  Discovered it as I need to prepare a budget for next tax year.  Ran an accounts list and it is showing more than one year totals.


Our company paid an accountant to roll over the accounts and add any adjustments last year to 2021/2022.


Payroll was rolled over separately, as it has to be, in July 2022 and is still operating.  Purchases and sales have still been added and processed as normal in 2023.  I have no idea what happened to our account rollover.


We have added our accounts online in the current tax year.


Any ideas?   Thank you.

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  • Hi lynnethescot 


    Thank you for your post. 


    Could you please check your current financial year by going to Set up menu >> Company information. If you need to close you financial year, our Help Article,  Close the financial year, has detailed information to assist with this.


    Please feel free to post again I'm happy to assist.


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