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3 months ago

Trying to log in and status is saying Backing up !!!!



I am trying to log into Myob and the message under the status bar is - Backing up.


Please help 

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      Hi,  I rang MYOB and was advised to clear my Cache Myob files. - all good now.

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    We are having the same issue with both our online company files.

  • Same issue here, I can't log-in either! This is the second week in a row this problem has occured.  

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      What did myob help suggest that you do when the problem first occured ? 

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      Hi everyone, 


      I'm sorry for the delayed response. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing your file, please inform us and we will exert every effort to assist you.


      Should you need further help with any other issues, you are welcome to initiate a new thread.