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    Q1 - When you set account opening balances under Setup > Balances > Account Opening Balances, the opening balances must have a net of $0, in others words the debits must equal the credits - if not the outstanding balance gets posted to Historical Balancing - this is to ensure the Balance Sheet balances. This is how it is meant to work. However with AR202x, there are a number of known bugs with Historical Balances, with errors causes by changing some accounts from Details to Header and vice versa. MYOB gets 'confused' and adds random amounts to the Historical Balance total.


    Q2 - These are further bugs in AR2023 caused when accounts are moved up and down or renumbered, or changed from detail to header etc.


    You may need to get MYOB to run a script if your file is online, if offline you may need to send the file to MYOB to get repaired, or to someone else who repairs .myox files.




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      Thanks Gavin, 


      Seems extremely unfair that I have to pay to have my account fixed because of a MYOB bug. 

      The account is used by a not for profit organisation and requires very basic info - no wages - no stock - just income and expenses for events. 

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        Hi Clogger 


        MYOB will fix most issues caused by bugs for free. It is easier for them if your file is online. If offline you will need to send them your file.


        How long this will take depends on MYOB. Most experienced support staff have been sacked. Many support services have been outsourced and sometimes the new staff may take longer to grasp the issues and apply the fix. You may need to contact them several times. 


        As with most cases, the paid option is much quicker. Free option may take longer.


        I have tagged a couple of moderators, hopefully you will hear from one soon. Princess_R  Celia_B