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7 months ago

Unable to allocate Invoices due to CC charge on bank transaction

Just need to know if there is a quick and straightforward way to allocate an invoice that has already been processed from the InTray, based on the amount recorded on the Invoice - to a payment made that has now included the Credit Card Surcharge added by businesses that add this to the Invoice (but don't include it on the Invoice)

Allocating the Invoice is not possible because it does not EXACTLY match the bank transaction, and there doesn't appear to be a straightforward way to alter the existing Invoice to match


Why can't I just allocate or attach the Invoice and split the amount to match? 




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    Hi HowardN,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum! Allocating invoices with credit card charges in AccountRight when the invoice amount doesn't exactly match the bank transaction due to the surcharge can be a challenge. Here is my suggestion:

    Create a New Payment Record:

    • Create a new "Receive Money" or "Receive Payment" transaction in AccountRight to match the bank transaction amount, which includes the credit card surcharge.
    • For the "Received From" field, select the customer who made the payment.
    • In the "Account" field, choose the appropriate income account that corresponds to the product or service sold.
    • Enter the bank transaction amount, which includes the surcharge.

    Apply the Payment to the Invoice:

    • After creating the payment record, apply it to the relevant invoice.
    • Open the invoice that was paid and go to the "Receive Payment" or "Payment Received" section.
    • Select the payment record you created in step 1 as the payment source.
    • Ensure that the total payment amount now matches the invoice amount including the surcharge.

    By following these steps, you can allocate the invoice to the payment made, even if it doesn't exactly match the bank transaction. The key is to create a payment record that represents the actual payment received, which includes the surcharge. Then, apply this payment to the corresponding invoice.