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2 years ago

Leave deductions

I have had to change all my staff to hourly basis status in MYOB, even the salary ones, as when I put leave in for them, the system adds the hours on to their weekly hours and adjusts the pays to pay additional hours.  


At least in the hourly basis status I can change the base hours and the leave hours and have the correct leave for each staff member.  This is ridiculous though as most of our staff are salary staff,


How do I get this stupid upgrade to work using the salary status?

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  • Hi AITTSV 


    Within a wage pay item is the option for Automatically adjust base hourly or base salary details. Enabling this option for a wage pay item will reduce the base hourly or salary amounts of the employees when that category is used.

    For example, if the employee is normally paid 40 hours and you need to pay them 8 hours of leave through a pay item with that Automatically adjust option enabled, it will reduce the base hourly be 8 so you are only paying them 32 hours base and 8 hours leave.


    To enable this option for a pay item complete the following process:

    1. Navigate to Payroll>>Pay item
    2. Select Wages
    3. Select the desired pay item
    4. Enable Automatically adjust base hourly or base salary details
    5. Select Save
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      Thanks for the tip but it doesn't work.

      The ability to select the automatically adjust rate has been greyed out and I can't select it.  And, the auto adjust option is not available on the pay items for salaried staff

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        Hi AITTSV 


        Generally, that occurs when you have selected the Base Hourly or Base Salary pay item, not the other pay item i.e. the Annual Leave paid pay item. So do ensure that you are not selecting one of those pay items.

        If the pay item is not named Base Hourly or Base Salary is the Pay Basis also greyed out? If so, when you look at your Pay item>>Wages list do you have two pay items called "Base Hourly" & "Base Salary"? The reason for that question is that users can change the default pay item name but it will still have its original attributes i.e. it's the default pay item, therefore, you can't change them for this situation as you can't reduce a pay item's hours when you are trying to pay out through that pay item.