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2 years ago

Payroll does not meet ATO requirements message

Don't worry, the issue has been resolved.  I can't figure out how to delete my post below.  Moderators, please feel free to delete.  Thanks






I am in the process of setting up a new casual employee in payroll. 


I have filled out all the information exactly as I've done for all past employees.  However, when I go to process this weeks payrun I keep the following message " Your payroll information doesn't meet ATO requirements".

The Error code for the new casual employee says: "Income Type is needed".


Can anyone please urgently advise how I can fix this error as I have filled in all the payroll information correctly and don't know what this error is referring to.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi MJ7


    Thanks for the update, glad to hear that you've been able to resolve this ! 


    You can delete your post when signed into the Community Forum by going to your avatar > clicking on my posts > selecting the post > there is 3 dots on the right hand side of the post > select delete. 

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    Hi, I am having the same issue with a casual employee.

    Could you please let me know how this issue can be resolved.


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      Hi Liz-IE


      I was the original poster of this question and for my issue, I was able to resolve it by doing the following:


      - Click Payroll
      - Click Employees

      - Select your Employee that the issue is with

      - Click the Payroll details tab

      - Click the Taxes tab

      - Underneath the heading Tax Table Calculations, select "Income Type" and make a selection (in my case I chose Salary & Wages and this fixed my issue).


      Anyway, I hope this helps.  Good luck