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3 years ago

Clear Email/Print Logs

Hi Community


Does anyone know of a way to clear old Email Invoice logs and Email Remittance logs without sending them?  We recently tried and a few old invoices sent creating some confusion with our customers we dont wish to repeat.


Thanks in advance

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    Hi AHJS 

    The only other way of doing so would be manually changing the delivery status of those transactions to "Already printed and emailed". This should clear them from the printing/emailing windows. 


    Let us know if you have further questions on this. 

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      Thanks for your reply


      As there were hundreds dating back to 2015s and in lock periods  so we ended up changing the remittance email address to ours for one, we found that this then changed all email addresses for the remittance to ours (we said to update the card) and sent them, we only had about 20 suppliers to treat this way so it took far less time than manually changing.  We then just had to delete the emails as we no longer had email remittance as the default option.