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10 months ago

RE: Customised Templates in Web Browser Not Working

Hi, I have created a Purchase Order in the web browser version and am trying to send it using a previously customised template that I created in the Desktop version.  Even though it offers you the choice of Template when you email the order, it still defaults to a plain paper version.  Why?


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  • Hi eftl


    Thanks for the post. 


    Sorry to hear about your difficulties with customized templates. I would suggest sending the purchase order using the desktop version instead of the browser to see if it sends properly from the desktop. Also, may I confirm if the issue is only for one of your customized forms or all? 


    We look forward to your response. 




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      Hello Genreve


      I have spent some time this morning trying to isolate the problem.  In the website version, I can email an invoice using a customised template, but the template defaults to the same template every time, and not the one specified in the Customer Card.  Provided you check which template has been selected, it does work.


      In Purchases, I amended two different customised templates in Purchase Orders and re-saved them under different names (to refresh them).  From the website version, even though I select the template I want, the system emails the default plain paper MYOB template.


      All templates work correctly in the desktop version.  Please don't suggest that we just use the desktop version.  The purpose of an online version is so that people can work away from the office, as they can in Xero.  It renders the option impractical if one must go to and from the office to get simple functions to work!



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        Hi eftl


        Thanks for the additional information you've provided. 


        Currently, the web application has no option to customize or use any custom forms for purchases. The web app does not support this at the moment. This is evident when going to Purchases settings there is no option to choose or customize any templates unlike with Sales settings in browser version. 


        I understand how important this feature is for sending purchase orders, to have a certain layout that defines your company. Rest assured the development teams main goal is make the web app as close to the desktop application as possible. We will raise this as a suggestion to be one of features they work on first. 


        In the meantime let us know if you need any other assistance.