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2 years ago

Accountright STP2 Overtime category not appearing in YTD Verification report

The new STP2 Category "Overtime" now has a separate ATO Reporting Category to normal wages.

It appears that the "Overtime" reporting category is not included in Gross YTD on Myob's YTD STP report.

This means that the YTD Verification Report is understated by everyone's overtime.

Can I just change ATO reporting category back to "Gross Payments" to fix this?


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  • Hi CathSGM


    Thanks for your post. In STP Phase 2, the overtime pay category/item is assigned to the Overtime ATO reporting category so will be reported under Overtime, not included in Gross payments. More information on this is available on our Community Forum post What's different in STP Phase 2 reporting


    Do let us know if you have any further questions. 


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      Hi Melisa

      Yesterday I thought I found something on MYOB info that said regular overtime counted as Gross Payments so changed all the categories to that so that the EOFY report matches.

      Do I need to change them all back to 'Overtime' not 'Gross' and accept that the EOFY report is out by the overtime amounts?

      It's very confusing.  If employees earn and are paid regular overtime, surely that counts towards their Gross and shouldn't be excluded from that total?


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        Hi DianeSA


        If you're unsure on which ATO reporting category to assign we recommend speaking to your accountant or financial advisor.  I have found the below information on the ATO website:


        This means that the Gross amount is not out by the overtime amounts, they are reported separately. 


        Do let us know if you have any further questions.