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3 years ago

CFS First choice Employer Super Fund error & complaint

I have set up a new employee super fund for CFS Firstchoice Employer Super Fund & when I go to process their super payment, I get the following error 'You need to enter a valid employee membership number for this employee'. I have checked all their super information & it is all correct.

I have also emailed the MYOB Superannuation department & was told that they can't help with the super issue. :smileyfrustrated: they said to call MYOB to get the issues fixed, was on hold for over 60 minutes before someone picked up at the overseas call centre & was on hold more times as he didn't have a clue what he was doing, & in the end, I was transferred to the payroll wait on hold for another 90 minutes before getting hung up on as it was 6:50 pm as they didn't want to take any more calls after 6:30 pm. so I wasted 150 minutes on the phone just to get hung up on. You could offer a callback service if your staff don't want to answer the phone after 6:30 pm. :smileymad: :smileymad:

Are you able to tell me asap on how to fix the issue, so I can process their super payments?

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  • Hi Ensight 


    Sorry to hear you've had this experience. If you've checked the membership number entered in the employee card is correct the next thing to check is the correct super fund has been selected. Some super funds have similar names so try searching for the fund's SPIN/USI as this is unique to the super fund.


    The help article, Troubleshooting super payments, has detailed information on resolving these errrors.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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      Hi Tracey_H 


      Yes the fund's SPIN/USI is all correct.


      I have attached the super information that the employee sent me.


      *Screenshot removed by MYOB Moderator as it contained sensitive information ^TH

      Note: All personal details were removed, don't know why it was deleted.

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        Hi Tracey_H 


        Is there an ETA on when MYOB will resolve the issue that I have?