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2 years ago

Re: STP YTD Verification Report inbalance

Hi Melissa,


I have a similar issue.


YTD verification report is unbalanced. This is due to an empolyee with only 2 payruns so far this year both with leave which means there is a negative gross payments amount. This is the amount the verification report is out by.


The only way to record the leave payments properly is to allocate the whole pay to the leave category and then deduct the ordinary hours accrual for RDO's to a -2 base hourly, this results in a negative gross payments amount and then subsequently the YTD veriofication report doe not match the Payroll register or Payroll summary reports within the MYOB file itself.


Please provide some idea of how to fix this as I have been on hold for an extended period of time for two consecutive days in a row now.


Thank you.

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  • Hi adminSEC


    Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. Did you still need assistance with this ?